Modern Barbering Presentation & Workshop

Monday 2nd October

10:30AM @ Drewrys

Tickets: £150 | Observation: £75

Our workshops are full of inspiration and motivation, in the morning session you will see demonstrations by our excellent educators. The morning session usually starts at 10.30am and will last about 3 1/2 hours. The atmosphere is always laid back and you will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like. The latest trends, the correct tools and a whole host of other subjects will be covered. We always aim to make our workshops fun and we endeavour to tailor them to the participants needs. The days are suitable for any stage of their career. Get involved, get motivated, get new skills and have some fun!

The morning/observation session finishes at approximately 1.30pm.

If your with us for the full day the afternoon session will start at approx 2pm after a light lunch the full day guests will work on a model of their choice, we will give you the very best attention and support you throughout the haircut offering advice, tips, tricks and new techniques to really build and hone your expertise. the afternoon session will finish approx 4/4.30pm and all attendees will receive a certificate and photographs of the day. The afternoon session is designed to build confidence and its at the forefront of our minds to make everybody feel comfortable, our aim is to develop your skills and give you a massive confidence, the results will be evident when you return to your shop.